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Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy coatings are specialty, high build, self leveling, fluid applied floor coatings. Engineered for residential and commercial applications where a durable, long lasting, aesthetically unique, easy to maintain, and completely custom floor is required. 



• Ease of maintenance

• Aesthetic improvements

• Hard and abrasion resistant

• VOC Free

• Stain and chemical resistant

• Anti-microbial

• Satin or gloss finish

• Fast set time available for quicker turn around time

• Special colors can match design or preferred colors

Metallic Epoxy

Metallic Epoxy floors, also referred to as REFLECTOR™ Enhancer floors; are a unique and completely customizable flooring option. They resemble a marbleized even three dimensional look while achieving a seamless floor with untouched beauty and durability. Paired with the proper top coat, these floors offer extreme abrasion and scratch resistance. Metallic epoxy floors are a great option for: retail establishments, nightclubs, automobile showrooms, residential basements, and garage floors.

Vinyl Chip Epoxy Floor

Vinyl chip epoxy floors are our #1 selling garage floor coating. These floor coatings are resinous finishes engineered to improve the look of any space while providing outstanding durability. This coating option provides one of the highest abrasion and scratch resistance because of the vinyl chip material being added to the epoxy. Even the worst scratch to this coating is easily hidden in the design. 

Plain Pigment Epoxy

Want to keep things simple and clean? No worries, sometimes they end up being the best looking floors. High performance epoxy floors are a high build, self leveling, clear or pigmented resinous floor engineered for residential, commercial, or industrial applications. These floors are subject to medium to high foot traffic, vehicular traffic, fork lift, and rubber wheel carts. High performance epoxy floors give any given area a very neat look and offer a variety of solid color choices.

Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is one of the main factors to a long lasting epoxy floor coating. Each one of our epoxy floors receives an aggressive diamond grind to the surface it will be bonding to. This is to ensure a proper mechanical "key" to the surface. Once the grinding of the surface is completed, we vacuum the surface to remove all dust particles and clean with a solvent if needed. Once your epoxy floor coating is completed, you will receive Reconstructed Surfaces lifetime warranty against the epoxy delaminating from your slab due to poor preparation!

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