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About Our Company 

Hello and thank you for visiting Reconstructed Surfaces. I'm going to take a quick second to tell you a little bit about myself and how Reconstructed Surfaces was founded. 

Reconstructed Surfaces was founded based off my father's company. My father owns a large commercial concrete polishing and epoxy company that serves projects much larger than what is pictured on this site. Throughout my younger years, I was part of his crew performing decorative and maintenance work to hundreds of thousands of square feet of concrete. One summer, we were working on Revel Casino in Atlantic City, NJ. The project was pretty impressive, spec'ing stained and polished concrete to an outdoor rooftop area to make the slab of concrete look like a flowing river. The concrete had recycled glass in the mix, so when we polished the concrete, it actually sparkled in the sun! I was so impressed with this project, that i asked my dad; why do you not do this to residential homes and smaller commercial projects? He was straight forward with me and answered, I simply do not have time. 

I attended Temple University in Philadelphia, PA with a major in Entrepreneurship and Innovations Management. As part of that program, we had to create a business to grow throughout our college years. Thus, the creation of Reconstructed Surfaces.

I had one major goal for Reconstructed Surfaces...bring innovative flooring options to homes and smaller businesses in the Greater Philadelphia area. Industrial and modern designs are timeless, and I knew our innovative flooring options would be a great solution for properties in the area looking for a durable, elegant, and completely custom floor. 

So far, we have completed hundreds of homes in the area and have built great relationships with some of the most respected home builders in the area. 

Reconstructed Surfaces is still a young company, but it is backed by years of training, experience, passion and support from both larger companies and manufacturers. I pride myself on my work and customer satisfaction. If you ever have questions or concerns regarding a project, I am always here to assist you.

Nick Pollick


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